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ASC (Artists Supporting Community)

ASC is an association of artist created in 2011 by P.L.A.C.E.'s Executive Director, Debbie Chavoya. This association is aimed to acknowledge artist that volunteer their time and expertise to P.L.A.C.E. and their community.


ASC Members

Lauren Beaudoin

Nicki Chavoya

Andrew Desalle

Andrzej Dutkanicz

Daniel Eugene

 Sara Gentry-Weeks

Jane Gross

Pat Haley

 Shaunda (Sekia)Holloway

Candy Jones

Jamie Lynn

Kim Mikenis

Derek Mirabilio

Patty Nardone

Rose Marie Nardone

Amy Oestreicher

Elaine Peters

 Stacey Peterson

Sarah Rizzuto

Fior Rodriguez

Harold Shapiro

Celeste Shelley

Jamie Lynn Slenker

Rashmi Talpade

Bobby Tan

Marnie Uliaz

Marie Varrone

Mary Varrone

Lindsay Vigue

Aicha Woods

Kristina Zallinger






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